Our focus is on supporting promising startups that have achieved product-market validation through university-led incubators. We are committed to helping these startups fast-track their growth by providing them with funding, mentoring, and other essential services.
Our goal is to provide a platform where entrepreneurs can connect with experienced mentors and advisors who can guide them through the challenges of starting and scaling a business. We believe that with the right support, startups can thrive and make a positive impact on society.
At Campus Angels Network, we understand that entrepreneurship is not just about financial success but also about making a difference in the world. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality, and we look forward to working with you to build a better future together.

For Your Assistance


We are interested in working with startups that meet the following criteria

  1. Seeking to raise between ₹50 lakh to ₹1 Crore.
  2. Currently in the product market validation stage with a few early customers.
  3. Solving critical problems and needs of society, individuals, and enterprises.
  4. Providing unique solutions that are significantly different from competitors.
  5. Incubated in a university-led incubator.

Eligibility Checklist

To be considered for funding, your startup should have

  • A coachable and energetic team with domain knowledge and experience.
  • A critical problem or need addressed by a unique, innovative, and scalable solution.
  • A large addressable market with significant market share potential.
  • Competitive advantages over existing and potential competitors.
  • Protected intellectual property.
  • Financial statements and projections.
  • Potential to provide 10x returns on angel investments.
  • Accommodation for Campus Angels Network to appoint an investor from our Angel Group as a board observer.

Your Startup Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck should include

  • A comprehensive overview of the problem statement, solution, unique value proposition, addressable market opportunity, founding team composition, business advisors, traction achieved, and proposed business model canvas.
  • Relevant and concise data that supports your presentation.

Evaluation Process

After submitting your pitch deck, our team will conduct thorough due diligence and evaluate your application based on our eligibility criteria. We will contact you if we need additional information or clarification. Our evaluation process typically takes two to four weeks.

Funding Terms and Conditions

If your startup is selected for funding, we will discuss the terms and conditions of the investment, including equity stake, exit terms, and other relevant details.

How to Apply

  • If you meet our eligibility criteria, click on the online application link below to get started.
  • If you face any difficulty in filling or uploading deals, you may email us at info@thecampusangels.com.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1.       How do I apply to Campus Angels Network?

To apply for funding, please visit the Entrepreneurs section on our website and fill out the application form using our platform designed to support the activity of Angel Networks. Make sure to review our process and funding criteria before submitting your application.

2.       What are Campus Angels Network’s gating criteria for ventures seeking investment?

We look for ventures with unique ideas and potential for rapid, scalable growth within a reasonable time frame, proprietary technology, early market lead and other strong barriers to entry, a strong management team with relevant and successful experience, evidence of validation of the concept, a team with a desire for mentoring and coaching, a reasonable valuation that fits within the risk/reward expectations of our members, and a credible exit strategy for investors.

3.       What process can I expect after I apply to Campus Angels Network?

After submitting your application, it goes through a certain process, which you can reach us for updates / completion.

4.       What is the average ticket size of Campus Angels Network’s investments?

On average, our funding ranges between ₹50 Lakh to ₹1 Crore. Members may invest more or less depending on the funding requirements of the company and their interest. If the investment size is larger, Campus Angels Network may syndicate the investment with other investor groups.

5.       How long will it take to get funding from Campus Angels Network?

The process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 months, depending on complexity. The goal is to complete due diligence as quickly as possible while undergoing a thorough review of the business. The entrepreneur can expedite due diligence by having the information available ahead of time, making themselves and their team available for meetings, and by being proactive in driving the process. At the conclusion of due diligence, it is important that the entrepreneur and investors are both comfortable with each other and can have a productive partnership.

6.       What are the charges to the entrepreneur for raising funds from Campus Angels Network?

A deal facilitation fee of 3% (Three Percent) on the funds raised, and the cost for conducting Financial, Legal, and Business Due Diligence by agencies appointed by Campus Angels Network at actuals.

7.       Does Campus Angels Network invest in competing startups?

Campus Angels Network reserves the right to invest in competing startups, and we assess each investment opportunity on its own merits.

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